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Shahid Ali
Freelance Website & Design Assistant

Email webinfo@shahidali.co.uk

providing a varied design services from custom dynamic website to digital art photography


  • Shahid is a freelancer as skilled multi-designer and has an extensive knowledge in ranging from traditional graphic design to website technologies and digital media.

    Bespoke Website Design Service

    Developing a variety of bespoke websites with strong structure of typography design layout. A type of client's website can be personal portfolio or small business.

    • Website Design

      Website Customization

    • Database management

      Web-Based Database Applications

    • Design Templates

      Website Template Conversion


    • RFHA - Rental Property (Currently part of Grand Union Housing Group.)

      Merged the content pages into a single scrollable website.

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    • Graeme Ainscough - Interior and Lifestyle Photographer.

      Developed a visual portfolio website with the stunning photos.

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    • Graeme and Gordon - a team of wedding photographers.

      Produced an elegant website includes a collection of wedding photos.

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    Website Management Service

    Providing an assistance to a client with the interrelationship of back-end system programming and front-end software hosting manangement to achieve the functionality.

    • PC Configuration

      PC Configuration

    • Computer Programming


    • Website Hosting Server

      Linux Website Hosting

    Graphic Design Service

    Producing a varied layouts for the use of website galleries, colour printing business publications and brief 2D/3D motion illustrations.

    • Custom Illustration.

    • Business Stationery &
      Brand Identity.

    • Graphic & Drawing Conversions.


    • Digital Illustration.

      Producing a creative artwork to draws an audience's attention to engage in a brand product.

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    • Logo Design

      Designing a succinct logo to communicates with an audience directly.

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    • 3D model

      Generating an imaginative 3D object for a range of presentations to express a visual idea with clarity.

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    A new low-cost photography service is available for both individual and small business. Transforming an original concept into high-quality photo for varied front website pages, banner social media and prints. View an external photo portfolio view photography portfolio

    • Creative Art Photo

      Creative Art Photography

    • Mini Photo Studio

      Mini Photo Studio

    • Image Manipulation

      Photo Manipulation


    Offering a new affordable multimedia service and it is ideal for a client who needs an assistance with a small 2D or 3D animation project.

    • Animation

      3D Animation

    • 2D Motion Graphics

      Animation &
      Motion Graphics.

    • Digital photo and film

      Digital Photo &

  • If you have questions about a specification of project or need an assistance in working with design project, please contact me by email directly.

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