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Shahid Ali
Freelance Website & I.T Developer

Email webinfo@shahidali.co.uk

A multi-I.T developer with a varied experience of producing the compatibility files with systems



    Shahid Ali is a self-employed website developer & I.T technician based in the UK since 2009. He is self-taught and fond of reading computer printed/digital books to acquire the theory of analysis in the area of programming languages, which he intends to revise up-to-date computer languages and strengthen the methodology of hands-on I.T infrastructures.

    Brief background of education

    Prior to 2001, he cogitated on his future career as a graphic designer whereof he derived a compelling idea from his first-time work experience, which he was trained by a member of graphic designers. Shortly, he leaped to academic institutions and had completed three prominent courses individually from 2001 to 2006.

    • Art and Craft

      Extensive Art & Printmaking Techniques

    • Immediated Graphic Design

      First Traditional Graphic Design Education

    • Digital Media

      Comprehensive Digital Media Abilities

    After graduation, he had an opinion on a vital career that it was imperative to have the considerable skills in a form of flash website/animation and graphic design then eventually transformed them into a primarily website design skill. Hence, he discovered a publication with a short article of successful industries alongside a professional design team who had the constant experiences to facilitate the growth of business services rapidly.

    Authentic programming experiences

    He was inspired by qualified programmers through several printed/digital books and assimilated the terminology of computer languages effectually. Gradually, he has a passion for focused computer languages and is fascinated by the profundity of the scripting processes including Linux, Unix, HTML, CSS, Javascript, mySQL, PHP, Apache and some low-level programming languages.

    • ICT Systems

      Universal I.T Technologies Revision

    • Website Programming

      Programming Enhancement

    • Challenge New Skills

      Upward Technical Skill Levels

    meritorious self career

    Since late-2009, he has over a decade of experience of website technologies with excellent hands-on scripting techniques, which he is highly capable of writing and reading a wide range of front-end/back-end languages. He is also practised at managing linux system files based on Red Hat such as Fedora and eager to continue to develop his further technical skills and experiences.

    Presently, he is retaining extendable website and graphic design services while discovering an exploration of the latest I.T technologies and relevant high-end website languages. He received a first well-known I.T certificate called CompTIA A+, which he acquired solid knowledge of computer technologies ranging from PC hardware components to network systems.

    comprehension of customer needs

    With freelance services, he provides amicable assistance to a client who has a complexity of a website design project with an acceptable small budget that it can be accomplished in a short schedule. There are also distinct digital I.T and design services availability.

    • Troubleshoot Programming

      Various Programming Rectification

    • I.T Maintenance

      I.T Management Assistance

    • Website Useful ideas

      Website Technical Advisement

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